Whom has taken responsibility for electing Trump?  The Russians gave one another high fives when he was elected.  What was Putin most upset about when the USSR collapsed, that the USA had economically handicapped the soviets by the arms race.  If I was going to destroy the US from within, I'd start by getting everyone in NATO angry.  Then I'd take away all of the money the IRS normally gets by letting the rich get richer.  Next is to approve all sorts of military spending for things that make little if any sense.  It'd get everyone in the US so upset that they are not paying attention to what the President is doing.  Ignore anyone trying to take you out of the WH.  Then get any alies in the mideast upset by pulling out of a country that has a stragic importance.  Next is to start a war with a hot headed country so that everyone is pissed at the USA.  If we do end up in a war, after 20 years of wars, our troops are so stretched thin there is no way of winning.  Putin is orchastrating the demise of the USA.