Whom has taken responsibility for electing Trump?  The Russians gave one another high fives when he was elected.  What was Putin most upset about when the USSR collapsed, that the USA had economically handicapped the soviets by the arms race.  If I was going to destroy the US from within, I'd start by getting everyone in NATO angry.  Give a tax break for the wealthy, ignore everyone, and promote his crazy conspiricy theories to keep attention off of the fact that he hasn't done a single thing to improve the lives of everyday Americans. Trump would rather spend time with Putin to see if he is on course.  What he did to get elected, assuage the racist egos of the Republican party (has been since the 1960's) and blow smoke up everyone elses backside, he is doing it again.  Remember that most of the electoral college is racist and it doesn't really matter how good Joe Biden is.  Even if Joe wins by a landslide it is going to take years to clean up this pigstye that Trump has done.  Trump has crippled almost every legal organization by putting in lame ducks that cater to his every whim.